"So you were lucky enough to get a couple hours of sleep before the big day, huh? Congrats!"

Some see this as the most stressful step, but we see it as the easiest for you. Of course, your nerves are working because you want everything to be perfect, totally understandable...


Again, thats why you hired us, right?


By this point, everything will be 100% laid out and ready for us to execute. We always, always, always encourage our couples to sit back and soak in everything they worked so hard to plan the last year, and let us take you for an incredible ride throughout the evening. So lace up your dancing shoes, or ladies kick off your heels, grab a friend, because its time to dance!

We will ensure your day stays on time and everything flows flawlessly.  If anything comes up, ask us, were not hard to find.


 This is what we do. . . actually... this is what we love to do!

"Congratulations, and thanks for making us part of your day!"